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Company Profile

Shaanxi Reactor Microelectronics Co., Ltd.

Reactor Microelectronics Co.Ltd (stock code 430552) is one of the Chinese national leading power management innovation enterprise.

Reactor Microelectronics Co.Ltd which was founded in September 2006 in Xi'an, has always been focusing on the field of mixed-signal integrated circuits, including power management chips and module solutions of consumer electronics and LED lighting. The major products are widely used in chargers, adapters, set-top boxes, computer interface equipment and LED lighting and other fields. We are committed to providing customers with cost-effective power management chips, whole system solutions and high quality customer service. We have complete ISO9001 quality management system. Quality, reliability and innovation are our core values. 

Reactor Microelectronics Co.Ltd has an experienced R&D team, formed by PHD and graduates from institutes and industry experts. The company has set up with standard R&D management system with more than 40 national patents of power management IC.

Reactor Microelectronics Co.Ltd is an integrated circuit design enterprises accredited by the State Ministry of Industry, a high-tech enterprises accredited by Shaanxi Provincial Science and Technology Department, a standing director unit of Shaanxi Province Semiconductor Industry Association, a vice director unit of China Green Lighting Industry Investment Union. The company has undertook and completed a number of national, provincial and municipal scientific research and development projects. The company is also a graduate training center with Xi'AN JIAOTONG UNIVERSITY and XIDIAN UNIVERSITY.

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