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Reactor Microelectronics held the "R & D Center" award ceremony

source: Administrative personnel time: Jan 16,2017 Passengers:

On January 14, 2017, Reactor Microelectronics held the "Shaanxi Reactor Microelectronics Co., Ltd. R & D Center" award ceremony in Xi'an Citadines Hotel. The chairman Yu Yuanqiang unveiled the plaque for the R & D center of the company.

Xia Qin, Doctor of Electrical Engineering, University of California in USA, the Chief Scientist of the company, was appointed as Director of R & D Center. Yang Shihong, deputy general manager of the company, served as deputy director of R & D center. The IC design department and the system testing department were set up in R & D center.


At the beginning of the year, Reactor Microelectronics announced the establishment of R & D center. It is a major initiative to further strengthen the technological innovation and product development efforts. It of far-reaching significance to establish a market-oriented technology research and development system with a combination of production, learning, research and use; to enhance the enterprise development ability and core competitiveness comprehensively; and to become a pioneer in the technological innovation of the industry, the leader in product quality and the leader of China's power management chip; and to promote the sustained and rapid development of the company.

It is a big event in the company history for Reactor Microelectronics to establish the R & D center. The company will take the ceremony as a starting point and take the R & D center as a platform to accelerate the pace of constructing R & D center, increase technological innovation, and promote technology research and development level of the company to a new height.

The goal of R & D center of the company is to spend two years or so striving to upgrade it to "provincial enterprise technology center".