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Singing a new music of development together, drawing a big picture of good future together--wish the 2016 annual meeting successful!

source: Administrative personnel time: Jan 17,2017 Passengers:

Auspiciousness from the jade dragon, dawn crowing from the golden cock; a propitious omen approaching from the East, everything looks new and fresh!

Farewell unforgettable 2016, usher in the new 2017, look back 10 years of struggle and look forward to a new future of Reactor Microelectronics. On January 14, 2017, Reactor Microelectronics 2016 annual meeting was held grandly in Xi'an Citadines Hotel.

The main theme of this annual meeting is to review the company management of 2016 and deploy goals and tasks in 2017. At the meeting, the work of company departments in 2016 were summarized, detailed arrangement for the work in 2017 was carried out and a practical implementation measures was laid down.

Chairman Yu Yuanjiang made a "pilot the future, Open the vision - Reactor Microelectronics three years plan" statement, and proposed a three-year plan, a strategic focus and a mission to achieve the company's vision.


The meeting put forward the company's overall goal of corporate culture and brand building in the next three years: in accordance with the "one year to consolidate the foundation, two years to achieve a breakthrough, and three years of fruitful" ideas, complete three goals of "combing integration, publicity land, enhance innovation" for corporate culture comprehensively, thus can lay the solid foundation to achieve the goal of "cultural enterprises".

The meeting commended the outstanding employees of the company in 2016. Yu Yuanqiang, Chairman of the Board, presented the awards for the award-winning employees and made a photo with them, to encourage all employees to follow the example of excellence and constantly break through themselves and create more value for the company.


The meeting pointed out that the company achieved a better result in 2016 and the main operating indicators break a historical record, and that the enterprise has entered the development of fast lane. These are the result of hard work of all staff and the support of majority of customers and agents, are the result of the coordination of many suppliers and the full trust of all the shareholders. These results are hard to come!

The meeting identified the main business indicators in 2017: promote the product sales more than 2 times on the basis of 2016, double the sales revenue; and the management objectives and tasks are "adjusting the structure, increasing efficiency, casting quality, building the brand, filling the short board, and realizing the development neatly". Thus, we can further enhance the ability of innovation and development, implement the quality engineering, build a strong brand, improve management efficiency, and promote a comprehensive development of the company.

In order to implement the spirit of the annual meeting of 2016 and ensure the smooth realization of the objectives and tasks in 2017, in accordance with the "compaction responsibility, mention real requirements, grasp the assessment" work requirements, chairman Yu Yuanqiang, the leaders of the R & D system project and the sales directors and business managers of sales system signed the "Annual Target Responsibility Book for 2017 ".


At this annual meeting, "Shaanxi Reactor Microelectronics Co., Ltd. R & D Center" award ceremony is also held, Yu Yuanqiang, chairman of the company award the "R & D Center" in person. Mr. Xia Qin, Electrical Engineering Dr. of University of California, also the company's chief scientist, was appointed as the director of R & D center of the company.


Water of year flows never come back, another year is coming after the snow drifting. In cheering, the gelivable year of 2017 is blowing to the face. In the new year, Reactor Microelectronics which enters the fast lane of development will take a more determined pace, march with passionate melody, and tread a rapid, sustained and healthy road of development which belongs Reactor Microelectronics ourselves.

In 2017, let's roll up the sleeves, and work hard!