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RM9005A linear dimming PAR lamp achieves zero complaints in the end customer sales in the United States

source: 亚成微电子 time: Jan 19,2017 Passengers:

LOWE’S supermarket, the world's 34th largest retailers in the United States, is ranked 15th in home building materials retailers. It’s also the "Fortune" 500 companies in America.

In 2015, "RM9005A linear SCR dimming PAR light" sold in U.S. LOWE’S supermarket achieves zero complaints, zero return in the end customer. RM9005A linear TRIAC dimming PAR lamp uses Reactor Microelectronics "RM9005 linear TRIAC dimming chip" as the master chip and Reactor Microelectronics is also its program exclusive supplier. The “zero complaints, zero return” reflects the high stability and high reliability of Reactor Microelectronics "RM9005 linear TRIAC dimming chip".

In 2015, the product specifications of RM9005A linear SCR dimming PAR lights sold in United States LOWE'S supermarket is from 5.5W to 20W. The annual shipment in supermarket is as many as 20 million.


Reactor Microelectronics "RM9005 linear TRIAC dimming chip", a single-channel dimming constant current LED drive control IC, integrates 600V high-voltage MOS tube and is able to drive high-voltage LED string directly; there is no EMI problem in its application line.

Reactor Microelectronics "RM9005 linear TRIAC dimming program" has the characteristics of the simple external circuit, no magnetic components required, the low program cost; meeting UL certification requirements, the strokes of it meeting the IEEE standard and less than 20%, high PF value and light effects. It is also compatible with most of the Lutron dimmer (LUTRON).