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Industry Dynamics

LED lighting to scale, T5/T8 usher in a new growth space

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Introduction: the recent price increases too fire, the industry related news everywhere, then the price of raw materials for downstream lighting companies will have what impact? Industry sources said, LED general lighting such a low margin market, to do a few large companies do, small and medium enterprises to get the material cost was higher than large enterprises.

With the development of society and the enhancement of people's awareness of energy saving and environmental protection, the use of LED lamp is more and more widely, and has begun to penetrate into all areas of people's production and life. LED fluorescent tube is very important in commercial lighting, especially in the parity of the supermarket shopping malls, offices, underground parking lot are widely used.

LED Research Institute (GGII) data show that in 2016 the global LED lighting market size will reach $29 billion 600 million in 2017 is expected to reach $33 billion 100 million, the market penetration will exceed 52%.

And become the first half of this year after the lamp bulb of the largest export products, the first half of this year exports of $433 million, an increase of 21.7%, the United States remains the biggest export destination, reached $104 million, accounting for 24.02%.

Related to industry sources, the next 5 years, LED T5/T8 fluorescent lamp market will usher in a peak period, from the developed regions and slowly spread to the regional hinterland, accompanied by the national energy conservation program forward, this process is likely to continue to accelerate.

LED T5/T8 sales of fluorescent lamps in the flow of strong momentum of growth, the overall market from the engineering channel to channel. Show that they completely replace the traditional daylight tube significantly accelerated pace.

The next five years, the cost of LED fluorescent lamp further decline, increasing the number of consumers to experience the product, the final LED daylight lamp will replace the traditional fluorescent tube.

State star photoelectric from 2012 began to build the traditional sales channels, the company's LED T5/T8 fluorescent lamp is mainly in the engineering channel sales, product quality has won the praise of engineering.

And now, the National Star photoelectric LED T5/T8 fluorescent lamp installation project has been all over the country and abroad." Nationstar responsible person said, it can break the little space in shape, so the LED T5/T8 fluorescent lamp on the market or to fight the quality and price, but consumers will eventually recognized by multiple comparisons, and ensure the quality of products with high performance.

The LED fluorescent lamp of different quality, the price is not the same, the lamp, power is different, the price is not the same, the small size of the LED factory to competition, had to lower prices to win customers.

But in lower prices at the same time, the production cost will be compressed, quality naturally greatly reduced, so that consumers in the purchase of the LED fluorescent lamp, do not just stare at the price, should pay more attention to the overall price, in the case of quality assurance, and then seek the relatively lower prices of products.

According to the market situation of LED T5/T8 fluorescent lamp current, the lighting enterprises need to do a good job of cost control and improve product quality, produce more cost-effective products, and intensify the construction of distribution channels, do the basic channel security products.

At the same time, the future of LED fluorescent tube is bound to low cost, high energy saving, intelligent direction. LED T5/T8 fluorescent lamp with the progress of technology, the price will gradually become more close to the people, will gradually replace the traditional lamp, more and more popular, really into the homes of ordinary consumers.

According to the person in charge, said LED T8, LED T5 and LED T8 bracket fluorescent lamp, whether it is product quality, manufacturing, or sales performance are ahead of the industry in the.

The products, with FSL 1.2 meters LED T8 fluorescent tube as an example, the light flux is about 1600 lumens, emitting angle, light attenuation, light uniformity significantly ahead, and its ex factory price of less than 19.8 yuan / piece, price advantage has been further highlighted.

Capacity, FSL LED T5/T8 product monthly output has exceeded 1 million / month, sales also increased by an annual growth rate of 30%.

Expected in the next five years, overall, LED T5 and LED T8 market will expand rapidly.

PHILPS relevant responsible person also said that the continued good growth of LED lamp market is the main reason, the government introduced measures to stimulate the economy, encourage the parties to increase investment, such as infrastructure projects, and promote the LED lamp market with growth.