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2016 innovative product award list released, the list of 31 companies

source: LED time: Jan 17,2017 Passengers:

To measure the value of reputation, innovation to seize the initiative to win the market quality. Over the years, the high tech LED Golden Globe Award as a benchmark for industrial innovation and brand influence.

2016 annual high tech LED Golden Globe Award to find the backbone of the new era as the theme, since the opening of the channel in July, more than 130 companies involved in the middle and lower reaches of the LED industry chain. Involved in the enterprise covering LED materials, equipment, chips, packaging, lighting and other industrial chain.

On the afternoon of January 6, 2017, the 2016 high tech LED Golden Globe Awards ceremony and the high tech Research Institute held a grand celebration of the 10 anniversary. The super 500 industry elite witnessed the LED industry's annual Bright Festival, the Golden Globe Awards by the MLS exclusive title, the other principal time Golden Globe Awards by Zhang power and support excitation test.

2016 high LED supply chain selection class covering annual technical innovation and product innovation of the year, the annual customer trust brand, best lighting engineering, lighting products, ten annual good outstanding achievement award, the annual performance of listed companies, the annual most investment value of enterprises.

Among them, the annual innovation products include white SMD package, COB package, CSP package, SMD package, RGB power supply, power supply, indoor and outdoor, drive IC light engine, packaging equipment, automatic production line of ten categories. According to the Golden Globe Award Committee announced the list shows that a total of 31 companies eventually won the annual award for innovative products.

It is worth noting that, whether it is the Golden Globes or finalists, these companies dare to debut their new products are worthy of praise, learning LED. Market competition is brutal to champion the courage sword, successfully occupy the heights!

Where: drive IC

Golden Globe Award: Ming Microelectronics

Nomination Award: Ya Cheng Wei, Zhuo Naipu