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Industry Dynamics

2017, LED landscape lighting usher in the new year cycle

source: LED time: Jan 23,2017 Passengers:

2017, LED landscape lighting market continuation of the good market in 2016.

The Bund night lighting will be extended to a large extent. Yesterday from the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of green landscape was informed that the plan through three years of construction, to build the Huangpu River through the open coastline of 45 kilometers of landscape lighting.

Combined with 45 km coastline, we will also further expand the existing the Bund night light to the entire coastline of 45 km, including Wusong cruise terminal. To allow domestic and foreign tourists to enter Shanghai, they feel the charm of the city." Green city landscape lighting director Ding Qinhua said that Shanghai plans to use three years, that is to "13th Five-Year" period, let Shanghai Pujiang night glow new look.

In the recently held 2016 high LED, high LED chairman Zhang Xiaofei also said, "to benefit from the global various countries or regions to promote policy support, landscape lighting market penetration continues to improve, in 2015 the global landscape lighting market reached 218 billion yuan, is expected in 2016 the global landscape lighting market will reach 233 billion 500 million yuan."

The past two years, with the growing maturity of LED technology, the country began to do a large scale LED lighting transformation pilot. Invisible, but also to many LED lighting companies have brought greater market space.

According to the LED Institute of high Industry Research Institute (GGII) statistics, in 2015 China's LED landscape lighting market output value reached 47 billion 800 million yuan, in 2016 the output value of landscape lighting more than $50 billion. Expected in 2017, China's outdoor LED lighting output value is expected to exceed 100 billion yuan.