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New Product

RM9010B—LEDDriver chip

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Product highlights

Support PWM dimming / voltage dimming (dimming depth of 0 ~ 100%);

Integrated 600V high pressure MOS tube;

Constant current accuracy can reach + 3%.

Product overview

RM9010B is a single channel digital / analog dimming LED constant current driver chip, suitable for 220V AC or 120V AC input voltage, constant current accuracy of + 3%.

RM9010B integrated 600V high voltage MOS tube, the output current can be set by the external resistor in the range of 5mA~100mA, the output current value does not change with the input voltage.

RM9010B chip can achieve digital or analog dimming function through the DIM pin, the application circuit is simple, very few peripheral components, low cost.

RM9010B chip using ESOP-8 package.

Functional characteristics

1 built in DIM (digital / analog) dimming port

2 integrated 600V high pressure MOS tube

3 peripheral circuit is simple, no magnetic components

4 multi chip parallel application

5 LED current can be externally set

6 chip with over temperature adjustment function

Application area
LED bulb lamp, ceiling lamp, flat lamp

Typical application

Application of RM9010B high voltage linear high PF value without stroboscopic bulb

System specification: 9W/ 56mA

Conduction radiation