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New Product

RM6334D—AC/ DCChip

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Products and typical application highlights

To meet the six energy efficiency standards, standby power <75mW (AC265V) ESD>7000V; electrostatic discharge; integrated frequency jitter function, enhance the EMI properties; ultra low starting current (5uA); hiccup mode, reduce the standby power system; integrated multiple functions and protection characteristics.

12V / 1.5A set-top box power supply solutions

High performance: to meet the six energy efficiency standards, the average efficiency is greater than 84.52%, the average standby power consumption is less than 38mW;

High EMI characteristics: effectively filter high frequency clutter and current interference;

High reliability: ESD (HBM) >7000V, to ensure the production of straight through rate 60ppm.

Product overview

RM6334D is a low standby power side feedback switching power supply control chip, suitable for small power off line switching power supply. The chip of high voltage power MOSFET and current mode PWM+PFM control, frequency jitter function can optimize the EMI performance, Hiccup mode can reduce the system power consumption, low starting current and soft start control circuit to ensure the system starts fast and safe. In addition, the chip provides a complete protection function, including over current protection, over voltage protection, over temperature protection, etc., to ensure that the ESD>7000V in the production process of high yield.

Functional characteristics

1, standby power consumption is less than 75mW (AC265V)

2, to meet the six energy efficiency

3, integrated 650V high voltage power MOSFET

4, ultra low starting current (5uA)

5, cycle by cycle current limiting

6, Hiccup mode

7, integrated soft start function

8, integrated jitter function, improve the EMI characteristics

9, complete protection function

Under voltage protection (UVLO)

Overvoltage protection (OVP)

Over current protection (OCP)

Over temperature protection (OTP)

Self recovery function

application area

The set-top box adapter, power supply, household power supply

Typical application

12V / 1.5A set-top box power supply solutions

System specification

Input voltage 85Vac-265Vac

Power tube 650V/4A

Constant pressure precision is less than 3%

Constant current accuracy less than 3%

Output power 18W

Average efficiency >84.52%

Average standby power consumption 38mW

Transformer EE19

Package form DIP-8

PCB graph

DEMO graph

Demo board specifications: 52.8 (mm) *37.1 (mm)

Average efficiency: greater than 84.52% average standby power consumption: less than 38mW

Conduction and radiation

Electrostatic discharge: ESD>7000V