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RM3256S - AC/DC Chip

source: Research Center time: Dec 30,2016 Passengers:

Programme highlights:

High performance: to meet the six energy efficiency standards, the average standby power consumption of 42mW, the average efficiency of 73.62%; high EMI characteristics, effectively filter high frequency clutter and current interference; high integration, integrated 800V power BJT.

System scheme:

1, system schematic

2, system specification
3, PCB

DEMO board specifications: 50*28 (mm)


System performance index:

1, efficiency: average efficiency 73.62%

  Efficiency Data Curve
2, power consumption: average standby power consumption 42mW
3, accuracy: constant current and constant voltage accuracy + + 3%
4, conduction and radiation
Vertical radiation
Radiation level
Master chip:

1, overview

RM3256S is a high precision constant voltage, constant current feedback AC/DC converter controller.

RM3256S in the full voltage range can be achieved under 50mW standby power consumption to meet the six energy efficiency requirements.

RM3256S integrated 800V power BJT, suitable for high performance, external original streamlined charger, because the chip works in the original edge detection and control mode, so no optocoupler and TL431.

RM3256S uses quasi resonant (QR) drive technology to improve power transistor voltage and EMI, and improve system conversion efficiency.

RM3256S uses SOP-7 package.

2, application field

Smart phone charger power adapter

3, functional characteristics

This built-in 800V power BJT, the input voltage and the maximum output power of 6W.

No PSR optocoupler control mode, 431.

Constant current and constant voltage accuracy -- + 3%.

Adopt QR technology, improve the efficiency of the system.

This system satisfies the six level energy efficiency requirements.

This built-in line loss voltage compensation.

No VDD output overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, overvoltage protection and clamp, short-circuit protection.