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RM9001A - LED driver IC

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Product highlights:

With constant power compensation function; integrated 700V high voltage MOS tube to make anti surge design easier; PF value of 0.99; OTP external adjustable; can be flexible to set the LED string.

Product overview:

RM9001A adopts the adaptive LED four segment drive mechanism, which can flexibly set the LED string, adapt to the different market voltage, so as to improve the utilization ratio of LED and the total output lumens.

RM9001X integrated 700V high voltage MOS tube makes surge resistant design easier. Through external resistance to achieve the LED string of constant current, improve PF and optimize THD.

RM9001A has over temperature control function can be adjusted, can be set by an external resistor temperature regulating different nodes at the same time, chip has a power compensation function, the input voltage in a certain range of fluctuation of output power is basically unchanged.

Chip using ESOP-8 package.

Functional characteristics:

1, with constant power characteristics

2, integrated 700V high voltage MOS

3, with adjustable temperature control point

4, no electrolytic capacitors and magnetic components

5, low THD optimization design

6, multi chip parallel application

7, the peripheral circuit is simple

Application field:

1, high-power LED lighting products;

2, LED bulb lamp, projection lamp, street lamp, mining lamp.

Typical application:

RM9001A high voltage linear 220V-12W ceiling lamp scheme

System specification: 12W/60mA

emi test

The L/N conduction radiation test is carried out by EN55015 standard



DEMO 2500V surge test