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RM5001AS fast charging chip

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Product highlights:

Built in TL431 function, saving system BOM cost;

Built in constant current control function;

Support Qualcomm Quick Charge2.0 (QC2.0) protocol can be used in conjunction with the traditional power switch IC;

Output mode:

RM5001AS:5V2A, 9V1.5A, 12V1.5A

RM5001BS:5V2A, 9V2A

Recommended solution: RM6314D+RM5001AS

Product overview:

RM5001AS is a fully supported Quick Charge2.0 (QC2.0) protocol for low cost USB fast charging interface IC.

RM5001AS can be used in conjunction with conventional power switch IC, without the need for TL431 devices.

RM5001AS can automatically identify the type of charging equipment, and through the charging agreement with the device handshake, so that it can get the maximum allowable safety voltage of the device, in the protection of the premise of charging equipment to save time.

RM5001AS uses SOP-8 package.

Typical characteristics:

We integrated the function of constant current constant voltage.

I fully support the Quick Charge2.0 protocol

It is compatible with USB BC1.2 protocol

It supports USB DCP (special charging port) mode

When the default 5V mode

This low standby power: 5V output voltage is lower than 0.6mW

This pin high reliability: open circuit protection and fault protection circuit

Application scope:

Support QC2.0 fast charging function of mobile power, portable charger.

Typical application:

Performance index:

5V 2A efficiency data line chart

9V 1.5A efficiency data line chart

12V 1.5A efficiency data line chart

Figure PCB

DEMO graph

Conduction radiation

EMI (L) 5V/2A EMI (N) 5V/2A

EMI (L) 9V/1.5A EMI (N) 9V/1.5A

EMI (L) 12V/1.5A EMI (N) 12V/1.5A