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RM6314D-- high performance 12V1.5A power adapter

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First, the main control chip - RM6314D

Product highlights

We meet the six level of energy efficiency standards

To average power 53.2mW (maximum 60mW)

To the average efficiency of 86.89% (including: 1.5m, DC line line 22)

Adopt burst mode control when the load is light, effectively eliminating the transformer audio noise, and reduce the power switching frequency of MOSFET to improve the light load efficiency.

Product overview

RM6314D is a high performance current controlled PWM AC to DC converter controller.

RM6314D integrated frequency jitter function, to enhance the system's EMI characteristics. The chip also integrates the slope compensation to enhance system stability, as well as high and low voltage input power compensation, so that the full voltage range of constant output power.

RM6314D integrates various functions and protection features, including undervoltage lockout, VDD overvoltage protection, overtemperature protection, CS pin floating protection, overload protection, automatic restart protection, cycle by cycle current limit, leading edge blanking etc..

RM6314D uses DIP-8 package.

Functional characteristics

To meet the six energy efficiency

Integrated 650V high voltage power MOSFET

Ultra low start-up current (5 A)

Cycle by cycle current limiting

Integrated soft start function

Integrated frequency jitter function, improve the EMI characteristics

Complete protection function

Self recovery function

application area

Adapter power supply

Typical application

Two, adapter application program

Solution: RM6314D 12V1.5A power adapter application program

1 system specifications: 12V / 1.5A application program

2.PCB graph

3.DEMO graph

4 average standby power consumption: 53.2mW

5 average efficiency: 86.89%

6 conduction



7 electrostatic discharge: ESD > 7000V