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RM9006A - LED driver IC

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Product highlights

Adjustable brightness and color temperature;

Built in 600V high voltage MOS;

Constant current accuracy is less than 3%;

Built in temperature control function;

Can be used in parallel multi chip to achieve synchronous dimming / toning;

Subsection brightness: 3 seconds switch switch brightness, with three modes (such as: 100%--50%--X%);

Section color temperature: with three modes (such as: cold white, natural light, warm white).

Product overview

RM9006A is a segmented adjustable brightness / color temperature LED constant current drive chip.

RM9006A applies to 220V AC or 120V AC input voltage, constant current accuracy of + 3%.

RM9006A in the application of brightness adjustment, according to open and close the power switch, in turn to change the brightness of the LED lamp, adjust the ratio can be adjusted by external resistance.

RM9006A in the regulation of color application, according to open and close the power switch, which in turn two output ports switch state, alternating light to achieve the purpose of regulating the color temperature of two different color LED light, adjusting the external REXT resistance on output power adjustment.

RM9006A uses ESOP8 package.

Functional characteristics

1, the external circuit is simple, no magnetic components;

2, multi chip series or parallel applications;

3, the chip can be shared with the PCB board LED;

4, constant current accuracy + 3%;

5, built-in over temperature compensation (over temperature adjustment node: 125 degrees C);

6, the subsection brightness, the proportion can be set externally;

7, built-in 600V high voltage MOS;

8, 3 seconds switch switch light / color;

application area

Lamp bulb bulb lamp ceiling lamp

Typical application

Application program a RM9006A color temperature modulation scheme

1 system specifications: 9W/28mA

2, DEMO figure PCB figure

3, schematic

Application program two RM9006A 24W color temperature ceiling lamp solution

1, system specification: 24W/90mA

2, DEMO figure PCB figure

3, schematic

4 conduction and radiation


Application program three RM9006A 9W brightness bulb lamp application program

1, system specification two: 9W/27mA

2, DEMO figure PCB figure

3, schematic

4 conduction and radiation