Culture & Welfare

Chip Career

· Career Development

REACTOR attach importance to standardized positions management, establishes and optimizes the post system adapted to the healthy, rapid and sustainable development of the company. Standardizing and improving the post level and professionalism, and meeting the career development demands of different staffs. The company has planned seven-level position promotion system for technical position and management position, which provides different career development opportunities constantly for employees in different professional categories.

Career Development and Promotion Channel

Career Development

· Training System

  • 01
    New Employment Period

    Entry gift package
    Teacher worship and discussion

  • 02
    Integration Period

    Centralized training for recruits
    One-to-one teaching
    Professional training

  • 03
    Competent Period

    All-round Professional Training
    Skill Enhancement Training

  • 04
    Promotion Period

    Job responsibilities and requirements
    Job responsibilities will be improved

Career Welfare

· Company Benefits

  • Physical
  • Six Social Insurances 
    and Housing Fund
  • Birthday Party
  • Teacher's Guidance
  • Annual Paid Holidays
  • Paid Vacation
  • Professional Title
  • Patent Rewards
  • Project Bonus
  • Project Commission

Company Style

· Team Building

  • Birthday Party

    Prepare birthday benefits for the staffs, and share the joy together!

  • Rewards

    Perfect promotion system to encourage progress.

  • Public Benefit Activities

    Organize public benefit activities and undertake social responsibility.

  • Festival Celebration

    Hold festival celebration activities and prepare variety of holiday gifts.

  • New Year's Celebration

    Prepare for the annual meeting and welcome the New Year.

  • Company Trip

    Organize company trips irregularly to increase cohesion.