Quality Management System

Shaanxi Reactor Microelectronics Co., Ltd. obtained the Quality Management System Certificate in 2012. Due to the development of automotive electronics, the company is establishing the IATF16949 quality management system. And now, a part of automotive electronic chips have passed AEC-Q100 certification.

Quality Assurance System & Support Procedures

The company focuses on product quality assurance, planning and establishing a quality system and related procedural documents from various stages of product implementation to ensure that the product quality planning and implementation process runs according to the process.


Reliability Testing Capability

The company established a reliability testing laboratory in June 2022, equipped with over 50 testing and screening equipment. So that has the capacity of testing & screening, quality consistency testing and failure analysis to the integrated circuits and discrete devices. The laboratory operates according to the CNAS management standards, which can meet the test and experiment needs of high reliability product for the specific customer groups.


  • Focusing on Chip Research

    Exploring fully the potential, taking advantages of science and technology in research. Meeting the chip market demand and the customers’ chip needs attentively.

  • Ensure Chip Quality

    Inheriting the spirit of craftsmanship, adhering to developing based on quality, and sincerely producing high-quality chips.

  • Meeting Customers' Needs

    Manufacturing sincerely. Meet customers’ needs and expectations by high precision and high quality products. Creating value for customers and making customers satisfied.

  • Continuous Improvement

    Market-oriented, strengthening the study of new technology and new knowledge. Exploring and innovating constantly to develop new products with market competitiveness.