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The low-altitude economy kicks off, Reactor envelope tracking power supply chips contribute to the endurance of unmanned aerial vehicles!

Publisher:Yacheng Microelectronics

With the intensive introduction of relevant policies related to the low-altitude economy, the low-altitude economy, as a new growth engine, has been identified as a national strategic emerging industry, and has been specifically mentioned in the government's work tasks in 2024. 2024 may become the first year of the outbreak of the low-altitude economy. As the main carrier of the low-altitude economy, unmanned aerial vehicles have a wide range of application fields, and the market scale continues to expand, but the problem of the endurance of unmanned aerial vehicles remains an important bottleneck in the development of the industry.

Reactor envelope tracking power supply chips, using the characteristics of envelope tracking technology, by providing a dynamically changing power supply for the radio frequency power amplifier (PA), to achieve the goal of reducing power consumption and improving power supply efficiency. This product can support high-power high-voltage and low-power low-voltage scenarios, and provides high-quality power management solutions for unmanned aerial vehicles, special equipment, wireless base station businesses, navigation technology, etc.

The product has now been mass-produced and has gradually entered the commercial market. It mainly adopts the customized mode, and can support the WIFI 2.4G/5.8G FEM hardware architecture. In typical scenarios, the measured efficiency has been increased by 10%, with obvious improvement.


Working schematic

       It is understood that the envelope tracking technology still belongs to the frontier globally, and only four companies: Qualcomm, Yachengwei, MTK, and Qorvo, are developing envelope tracking (ET) power supply chips. Reactor started to research the envelope tracking technology in 2014. The currently mass-produced RM8302B adopts the BGA-36 packaging form, is compatible with the ET mode and the average power mode, and has a fixed load efficiency of more than 80%, with an efficiency better than similar foreign ET products.

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