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Exhibition invitation | Reactor Automotive Electrical Intelligent Solution will debut at the Beijing 2024 New Energy Vehicle Technology Exhibition, looking forward to meeting you in Beijing on February 28!

Publisher:Reactor Microelectronics

On February 28, the 2nd China International New Energy Vehicle Technology Components and Service Exhibition will be held at Beijing·China International Exhibition Center (New Venue W1 Hall, Shunyi). This exhibition is a professional whole industry chain exhibition from design to manufacturing, from use to service. At that time, 201 enterprises including Reactor will participate in the display of products, technology services, etc., covering new energy vehicles: motors, electronic controls, batteries, charging and swapping, chips, smart cockpits, autonomous driving, lightweight, etc.

At this exhibition, Reactor will bring the latest automotive electrical intelligent solutions, covering the application of high-voltage superjunction MOSFET in the vehicle OBC system, and the application of intelligent power switch chips and motor drive chips in the vehicle electrical system.

Reactor high-voltage superjunction MOSFET adopts the superjunction MOS multi-layer epitaxial process, the on-resistance, junction capacitance, gate charge of the device are significantly reduced, the parameters are stable, the EMI is better, and the overall efficiency and reliability are improved. At the same time, Reactor independently developed Trench MOSFET with integrated temperature, current and other monitoring functions, which is used in the intelligent power switch product series.

Reactor intelligent power switch chips integrate current detection, voltage protection, driving and various diagnostic functions. The chips have the characteristics of intelligent control, high efficiency and reliability, and can effectively improve the stability and safety of the entire vehicle system. The chips can be applied in commercial vehicles, passenger cars and non-road special vehicles and other fields to help the intelligentization of automobiles.


Reactor motor drive chips integrate two intelligent high-side switches and two low-side switches, and its PWM signal can reach up to 20kHz. PWM can simultaneously turn off both low-side switches in the low-level state, which can reduce standby power consumption. The product also has protection functions such as overvoltage protection, overtemperature protection, and overcurrent limitation, as well as diagnostic characteristics of current monitoring. In new energy vehicles, the chips are usually used to drive DC motors, stepping motors, relays and other inductive loads.

Reactor booth: W1L23, we sincerely invite you to visit and communicate on site!

Exhibition address: Yuxiang Road 88, Shunyi District, Beijing--China International Exhibition Center (New Venue W1 Hall, Shunyi)