Electric vehicle solution

New national standard electric vehicle charger solution

       Starting from July 1, 2023, GB42296-2022 "Safety Technical Requirements for Electric Bicycle Chargers" will be officially implemented. The new national standard not only regulates the charging interface of electric bicycles, but also enforces the use of "communication protocols" for charging. Referring to the practice of unified physical interface and different unified modes between mobile phones and new energy vehicles, charging can only be started after the charger shakes hands with the battery, to eliminate potential safety hazards due to mismatching and further enhance security. 
       Reactor Microelectronics focuses on the field of AC-DC power management and is equipped with 100-300W AC-DC power solutions, which have been adopted and launched by first-line brand electric bicycle manufacturers.
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       In the new national standard electric vehicle charger, the primary control chip model is RM6500S, which is an offline switch power supply chip. The chip adopts current mode control and supports valley detection switch, meeting the sixth level energy efficiency standard. The chip supports CCM, DCM, and burst mode, which can improve conversion efficiency across the entire range. The chip has multiple built-in protection functions, suitable for power adapter and charger applications.

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