Adapter solution

No Y power supply solution

       Home audio equipment such as speakers and radios pursue high-quality audio, and currently, in order to meet environmental and energy efficiency requirements, all power supplies used in these devices are fully switched on. To prevent electromagnetic interference caused by switch noise leakage, commonly used switching power supplies add a Y capacitor as a high-frequency noise path, which in turn interferes with the device's voice signal. At the same time, due to the leakage current of the Y capacitor, it poses a safety hazard to human contact.

       Therefore, switch mode power supplies used in conjunction with telecommunications equipment and audio must control the Y capacitor to a smaller capacity, and the most effective method is to adopt a Y-free design scheme for the power supply. The traditional approach is to add additional measures to the power supply, which leads to an increase in power supply costs.

       We believe that for the special requirements of telecommunications equipment and audio power supplies, it is necessary to add targeted EMI suppression schemes to the power management chip to ensure that a simple EMI suppression circuit can meet EMI testing standards when designing the power supply without Y. Yacheng Micro's 36W, 24W, 18W, and 12W series Y-free switching power supply application solutions with an output voltage of 12V meet customer requirements for switching power supplies, and the power supply meets the 4KV lightning strike standard.
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