Micro module power supply scheme

Micro module Buck power supply solution

       Buck converter, also known as step-down converter or step-down voltage converter, is a common DC-DC converter used in power supply schemes that reduce high voltage to the desired low voltage.


       Industrial grade integrated circuits often require different supply voltages. The Buck converter can be used to reduce the input voltage to the required output voltage according to specific requirements, providing stable power supply for various integrated circuits ICs. Reactor Microelectronics proposes a micro module Buck power supply solution for the integrated circuit power supply needs in the field of industrial automation, providing stable and reliable power supply for control systems, robots, sensors and other equipment to ensure their normal and efficient operation.
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       RMJML3-211R2A is a fully integrated step-down DC/DC micro power module, packaged in LGA, with a size of 3.3mmx3mmx2.75mm. It supports an input voltage range of 3V~21V, and has a continuous output current capacity of up to 1.2A. The output voltage can be set according to user needs, and it has high efficiency under both heavy and light load conditions.
The product has the characteristics of low static current (6uA), small size, and high efficiency, providing an ideal solution for battery powered applications and integrated circuit power supply.