Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting solutions

Outdoor lighting fixtures mainly include high-power outdoor lighting products such as floodlights, street lamps, and industrial and mining lamps. This series of products has high requirements for indicators such as lightning surge, high power, and high light efficiency.
· Lightning surge:Outdoor lightning surge is one of the key indicators that outdoor lighting fixtures must possess, which can be divided into 2KV, 4KV, 6KV line to line, and line to ground according to different requirements.
· High Power FactorDue to the fact that most outdoor lighting fixtures have a high power output of hundreds of watts, there is a high requirement for PF, which is generally greater than 0.9. At the same time, over certification schemes require excessive subharmonics.
· High light efficiency:Higher driving efficiency brings higher light efficiency, and the linear segmented solution can meet the efficiency improvement needs.
In summary, the high-power linear scheme is currently the most cost-effective solution that meets the above requirements. Due to the different needs for flicker and authentication, the following different types of schemes have been derived for selection。

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