New ERP and New National Standard

New ERP/New National Standard Solution

       With the promulgation of the latest EU ErP standards and new national standards, there have been significant changes in the power range of lighting products between 5-25W. The main indicators are as follows:
       · DF:5 W < Pon ≤ 10 W:DF≥0.5
       · 10 W < Pon ≤ 25 W:DF≥0.7
       · No flicker requirement: PST < 1 SVM < 0.4
       · Harmonic demand: needs to meet IEC6100-3-2; GB17625.1 (difference in nominal voltage, requirement for consistent parameters)
       The 5-25W power range lighting products mainly focus on bulb lights, tube lights, and ceiling lights. In response to the practical applications of these products, combined with the requirements of the new Erp standard and the new national standard, we have designed a series of chip products, including conventional lighting, three level dimming, intelligent dimming, controllable silicon dimming chips, etc.

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