RGB light strip

RGB light strip solution

       There are many LED application scenarios, such as outdoor landscape lighting, building decoration and interior decoration design, which are common in life. The color diversity of RGB beads provides us with richer and more flexible lighting options, offering more possibilities for modern life and entertainment.
       As a decorative light source, the advantages of LED-RGB illusions are reflected in three aspects: energy conservation, environmental protection, and long lifespan. LED illusions also have a series of characteristics such as low working voltage, low power consumption, high light efficiency, extremely short response time, pure light color, light weight, and small volume.

       RM4146X is a single package driver chip for SOP8, with eight output ports on the core, namely VDD internal power supply, RGB and GND signal ground and power ground, DI signal data input, DO signal data output, and FDIN breakpoint continuation function; The chip circuit is simple, reduces peripheral components, occupies less space, and can achieve FLASH changes in any color through MCU control, which can achieve personalized product shaping, such as building decoration, atmosphere decoration, home decoration without main light strips, outdoor displays, etc., fully meeting the personalized needs of consumers, and has broad application prospects.
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